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The New Donate Button

Posted by Razgriz on April 13, 2011 at 2:24 PM

The new Donate Button located in the side bar is something we have put on the site to help pay for all the wonderous information. The site as you can see with the new updates added to the site is growing with some new members and tons of information. In order to have more pages and more apps, we had to switch from the freewebs, to the paywebs.

I hope all of you can look in the pockets and find atleast $10 or so to help us out. The donated money can be used for many different things. Paying for the site, new gear such as headsites w/ mics, or even new codfh disks. It is basically a community pool of money that we can all use.

For new members, if you have helped you out in some way or some form please donate. If the information on this site has helped you out please donate. We are not asking for some monthly thing were its a ton of money, just some amount you might have liying around.

Thank You


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