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 BinproX Beta Release 1      By  ~^~XODU$~^~

Ps2Diss Addon. Not yet a replacement, but close

See the Tut below for usage tips



BinPro download and Update page

If you already have Binpro, U can check here for absolutely the most current version of

the executable (Binpro.exe) available

Update  12/16/10  - Binpro executable LATEST VERSION


 Chat Addon  - Html embed for Lounge add-on.. download and place in Binpro folder

 CodePorter - Binpro Addon for porting codes - Added 1-5-11.. download and place in Binpro folder

-fixed refresh glitch
-Enable up/down movement with up/down Keys- fixed some other thing
-enabled automatic referral search (completion of referal index)
 with checkbox at bottom checked.. all addresses are checked against referal table
-expanded float conversion tool

Binpro Help 


OK, when i get time I will add to this.. right now I'll just cover some basics.

How to create a Binpro Database from your game file 

A. Typically you would load a slus or bin  file into Ps2dis.. This time honored tradition is your first step.

1. Load Ps2dis.

2. Load your game file.

3. Mark the beginning address 00100000 by jumping there and highlighting with SPACE.

4. Now, goto the last address in the file.. If you dont know what it is.. start scrollin..

5. Once your at the last address in the file, click it once (highlighting it in blue)

6. NOW.. and this is VERY important... Press ALT-W  This will convert all "byte" addresses in the entire file back to "word" format. this is necessary for binpro to be able to correctly convert the file

7. Click File menu, then "Save as text"

 Save the file as Yourgamename.s in Binpro's BIN DUMPS folder.

NOTE:  during this process ps2dis may appear to freeze or indicate it is "not responding".. this is NORMAL!  do not assume this is an error and terminate the program.. When the text dump is complete Ps2dis will resume as normal and will unfreeze. 

OK.. your almost there..
8. Load Binpro

9. On file menu / Database tools / Dump 2 Database Conversion .. click this

10. you should see your .s dump file.. click it. 

In the text box to the left of the Convert button,type in the name you wish to call your Binpro database. Click "Convert to Database"

Binpro will now take your Ps2dis text dump and compile it into a browseable, searchable, taggable database.

11. When the conversion proces is complete, close the conversion wiz and click the "File" menu

12. Click "Open Database"

13. select your games database and click open.

you now should be seeing something like this:

 Your now ready to use Binpro.. enjoy!

Binpro Feedback and Bug Report

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